Saturday, May 28, 2005

Life: Self Promotion as an Artist

How can artists promote themselves everyday? Inspired by St. Louis native Scott Ginsberg, I started wearing my Leper's Media Holdings press pass with my name and title on it everywhere I go clipped to my iPod Shuffle lanyard. Wether they first notice the Shuffle or my tag, everyone does a double-take. It gives me a natural opportunity to talk about what I'm doing with LMH. Maybe I'll add my 30 second "elevator pitch" or a 30 second video promo to my Shuffle.

How can artists use this concept?
  • Musicians can put their album art in a tag and keep all their own songs on the Shuffle. When someone asks them about it, they can give out a copy of their album art and let them hear a couple tracks. They can even try to jack it into the speaker system of the place they're at. Talk about creating a stir and getting people to talk.
  • Filmmakers can put small collectible posters or lobby cards in a tag and hand them out when people take notice. They can store a movie trailer on the Shuffle (or any thumbdrive) and play it when possible.
  • Artists can create small, collectable cards with their favorite piece the front to hand out. The Shuffle/thumbdrive can contain a portfolio presentation.
Wear these everywhere you go. Keep in mind that every tag should include multiple copies of your work with contact and buying information on the back. The Shuffle/thumbdrive is of course optional, just another interesting idea. I would love to see every artist representing themselves like this. Imaging you're walking around and see 3 out of 10 people wearing a tag. It could become well known enough that people will go around trying to collect all of the cards out their. For the shy artist, this will increase your approachability and, eventually, help you break out of your shell so we can find you and your inspiring creations.

What other ways can you think of for constant self-promotion as an artist?

BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION: I'm currently developing our first perpetual project for LMH's Art division. Project: Art Addiction is designed around a similar notion. Get people interested in collecting art in their everyday life, outside the traditional gallery opening. If you're a photographer or traditional artist, contact me at for more information and how how you can get involved.

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