Sunday, August 07, 2005

Life: Your Legacy

While flipping through channels (I'm a guy, I flip), I ran into the Antique Roadshow and began to think how the art we create today will be viewed in 100yrs. How about 1,000yrs?

Hopefully we won't be inundated with, "Your very lucky your great grandfather left you this, this is an original IKEA piece! Now worth...are you ready...$200!!"

I love looking at MoCo Loco! The designers featured show a truly individualistic style.

How do you distinguish yourself? Can you?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Life: Inspiration

I've gotten honked at while jotting something down at stoplight that turned green. I've kept repeating an idea out-loud, to myself, until I could pull over and jot it down. We've all had (at least to us) a world changing idea, only to lose it because we didn't or couldn't take note. This means keeping a waterproof pad and space pen in the shower; using a voice recorder or cell phone (musicians can call their voicemail and sing that perfect phrase that comes while waiting in line); even a small pen to jot on a napkin or magazine subscription card (been there). I have a t-mobile sidekick that I keep notes on. It's always with me. I'll email myself an idea so it shows up on my powerbook when I get online.

It's not important what you keep with you, as long as you don't let that moment of inspiration slip away. The Moleskin pocket books are becoming ubiquitous: 3.5x5 notebooks available in plain, ruled, storyboards, music staffs and more.

Whatever idea or thought comes to you...take note. What may seem like an odd thought may lead to something greater.

What have you taken note on? When was the last time you lost a thought?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Art: Selling Your Work

Whenever I go to artist openings in restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc., I always want to purchase some of the art and photography being showcased. Unfortunately I, and most people, can't afford to purchase all the art that inspires them. Which brings me to the (partially selfish) topic of how you can sell more of your art at openings:

Next time you're talking with the owner or manager, offer to make available packaged prints on consignment. Packaged prints should consist of the matte, print and your contact card with your artists statement placed in a clear archival sleeve. I would suggest creating 8x10's in 11x14 mattes. This size is more enticing for the buyer and easier to display in a cafe. People may even buy a couple prints if you price them in the $40-60 range. If the restaurant asks for a commission, offer 15-20% of retail (after all, you're probably using they're credit card machines). Create 3-5 packages for each displayed print. Offer to sign prints purchased the night of the opening to encourage people to by that night.

This is a no-brainer for photographers. For traditional artists, or those that create one of a kind originals, it's a little more involved since you'll need to have your original work recreated in a way that gives you the best results. NEVER skimp on materials or you WILL devalue your work, as well as other artists who choose to do this! Keep your original prints priced normally. Those that can buy originals will still do so, but now you open your work up to people who will truly appreciate me! I buy art to fill my life, not match my drapes. I like Light Impressions for matting supplies. American Frame has a good variety of frames, both for quality and budget.

What other ways can you sell more work on an opening night?

p.s. Don't forget your nametag.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Film: Broadcast Machine promises to open internet TV

Via InformITV

When this reaches an ease of use for a mass audience, it will surpass any IPTV plans from the cable industry. Yes, that's a good thing. Instead of being forced to blindly subscribe to channels, you can watch only what you want. Download and test it for yourself!

How much would you pay for an independent movie, an episode of your favorite show, or a segment from a news show? How much do you pay now for basic and premium cable?

BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION: These are very important questions the industry needs real answers to. To avoid commercials and forced placement of goods if possible. As we (LMH) begin our search for future content, what do you want out of this type of system? What would you pay? How do you want to share it?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Film: DVD Distribution

Cinema Minima: New service for movie makers? DVD retail program splits revenue with filmmakers.

I like where this is heading!
Polish your audio, tweak your soundtrack, tighten your scenes and follow their link to submit your film.

Update June 01, the morning after: After thinking more about this, I wonder where this was five years ago. The technology existed. Will these units be standing on the peer watching internet distribution sail away with the gold? They'll still have their silver, just as digital photography and home printing hasn't destroyed photo retailers.

Cool idea, too late to the game, but it will be good for exposure.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Film: Project Lil' PmP

Game Boy Micro to be portable media player? - Engadget -

One of my future projects was to tag a portable media player with LMH's Short Film division. That future was far off due to mostly to the limited reach because of costs. It got closer with Sony's PSP, but it's still too big and has a limited reach. Soon, for under $180 you can get an EPMP (extremely portable media player). Will a 2" screen be detrimentle? I think it adds to the ability of sharing 30sec-5min short films! If you have feature-length movies on it, that's a no go.

I now plan on having a tagged EPMP, perhaps giving it away with a membership to LMH. I would want to include music, short films and spoken word (poetry, short stories, audiobooks). I just got goosebumps...that's a very good sign.

What are your thoughts on a EPMP? What content are you most likely to use on it?

Life: Self Promotion as an Artist

How can artists promote themselves everyday? Inspired by St. Louis native Scott Ginsberg, I started wearing my Leper's Media Holdings press pass with my name and title on it everywhere I go clipped to my iPod Shuffle lanyard. Wether they first notice the Shuffle or my tag, everyone does a double-take. It gives me a natural opportunity to talk about what I'm doing with LMH. Maybe I'll add my 30 second "elevator pitch" or a 30 second video promo to my Shuffle.

How can artists use this concept?
  • Musicians can put their album art in a tag and keep all their own songs on the Shuffle. When someone asks them about it, they can give out a copy of their album art and let them hear a couple tracks. They can even try to jack it into the speaker system of the place they're at. Talk about creating a stir and getting people to talk.
  • Filmmakers can put small collectible posters or lobby cards in a tag and hand them out when people take notice. They can store a movie trailer on the Shuffle (or any thumbdrive) and play it when possible.
  • Artists can create small, collectable cards with their favorite piece the front to hand out. The Shuffle/thumbdrive can contain a portfolio presentation.
Wear these everywhere you go. Keep in mind that every tag should include multiple copies of your work with contact and buying information on the back. The Shuffle/thumbdrive is of course optional, just another interesting idea. I would love to see every artist representing themselves like this. Imaging you're walking around and see 3 out of 10 people wearing a tag. It could become well known enough that people will go around trying to collect all of the cards out their. For the shy artist, this will increase your approachability and, eventually, help you break out of your shell so we can find you and your inspiring creations.

What other ways can you think of for constant self-promotion as an artist?

BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION: I'm currently developing our first perpetual project for LMH's Art division. Project: Art Addiction is designed around a similar notion. Get people interested in collecting art in their everyday life, outside the traditional gallery opening. If you're a photographer or traditional artist, contact me at for more information and how how you can get involved.

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Life: The ONE Campaign | Upcoming Events

The ONE Campaign | Upcoming Events

Help the the arts. Promoting yourself doesn't have to be a purely selfish endeavor. The natural result of helping your community through your art will result in greater awareness than most PR firms can dream of.

How do you, as an artist, help your community?

p.s. I'll be in Chicago at the Tonic Room on June ONE

Music: Music, music everywhere!

Slashdot | Sirius in Negotiations With Apple

Apple is once again discussing adding satellite radio to the iPod. When I first heard the rumors of Apple talking with XM (my preferred provider), I got excited. Now it's with Sirius (meh). My thought process went like this: I'm listening to my favorite channel, hear a new song I really like, hit a button to either immediately purchase and download that song (leading to the eventual, "Hi. My name is Brett, and I am a music addict.") or add it to a temporary cart on my iPod. Next time I sync up on my computer, it asks me if I want to purchase that song or view the artist info. Include the inevitable iTunes subscription service and you have an unlimited custom channel wherever you are. Add wireless podcast subscriptions (already included in the next iTunes) and you have the true new wave of radio and communication.

How would you use a satellite enabled iPod?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Music: Mash-ups

Mashup of the Week Podcast is a fairly new site. I just discovered it today , and now have some great new songs to add to my Beastles and the Grey Album collection (also check out Dj BC's mashups, fantastic stuff). The sad part is that most mash-ups are illegal. How can we expect society and culture to evolve if we continue to stifle creation and re-creation?

As new artists start to license their material with Creative Commons, this issue will only exist for past property. Trent Reznor did the unthinkable in RIAA terms: he released "The Hand That Feeds" free for anyone to edit in an original pro tools package for garageband. Wow. I get goosebumps just thinking of how this will evolve.

What's your favorite mash-up? Who's your favorite forward thinking musician?

"All evolution in thought and conduct must at first appear as heresy and misconduct."
- George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

p.s. Welcome to my mind.