Thursday, August 24, 2006

4 Reasons I'm Considering Canceling Satellite Radio

  1. Pandora
  2. Great Community Radio Stations
  3. Portable Music Players
  4. My Antennae Broke

Based on the tremendous work of The Music Genome Project, you create your own stations based on an artist or song you like. They examine every aspect (harmony, rhythm, arrangement, etc.) and cue up new songs and artists. It boils it down to the essence of music...the sound. If you have even a remote interest in music, check them out now!

Great Community Radio Stations
I live in St. Louis, which is home to one of the best stations in the country, KDHX 88.1. I've decided to channel some of the money I was spending on satellite to them. What makes community radio great? Programs, whether talk or music, produced by and for a wide variety of interest groups. Find your station here, and you'll find yourself listening to new music you may never have discovered otherwise. I've found myself cruising to Celtic music once. Also, take a look at all the stations available in your area. You'd be surprised at how many there are.

Portable Music Players
I have so much music I haven't heard in so long that Apple's iPod Shuffle was actually a good thing. Randomly loading music has made me rediscover music I loved (and some I wonder about, did I actually listen to Poison and Color Me Bad?). I have the ability to quickly load specific music for when I take a run (OK, a or if I'm taking a road trip. They're starting to combine portable satellite receivers with PMPs. XM is leaps and bounds beyond Sirius, but there's still something lacking about the experience.

My Antennae Broke
Ever since the wires got pinched in my car, I haven't listed to satellite radio on the road. I just never got around to replacing it. It's been over a year now, and I'm OK. This has lead to my (re)discovery of points 1 & 2, and I've actually been better off. I've relegated my satellite receiver to living and bedroom status.

Video? Not interested at this time. Music? The reason I bought XM. Opie & Anthony? They may be the main reason I stay signed up. So what has to happen to bring back the feelings I had when I first signed up, with a 2 year subscription, three years ago? As I've written this, I've started to realize that the saving grace for satellite radio could be the ability to give the end user a malleable experience. Are you listening, E-Lo? Don't get too distracted by offering video and 'parking' features. Let "the little doggie company" distract themselves into a self-dug hole. Satellite radio is only an evolution of radio, the revolution is yet to come. If you can open even one channel that I can login to my account (at any time) and enter the name of an artist or song I'm in the mood for, I'll sign a life-time contract!


Here are my current Pandora stations!

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