Monday, July 04, 2005

Life: Inspiration

I've gotten honked at while jotting something down at stoplight that turned green. I've kept repeating an idea out-loud, to myself, until I could pull over and jot it down. We've all had (at least to us) a world changing idea, only to lose it because we didn't or couldn't take note. This means keeping a waterproof pad and space pen in the shower; using a voice recorder or cell phone (musicians can call their voicemail and sing that perfect phrase that comes while waiting in line); even a small pen to jot on a napkin or magazine subscription card (been there). I have a t-mobile sidekick that I keep notes on. It's always with me. I'll email myself an idea so it shows up on my powerbook when I get online.

It's not important what you keep with you, as long as you don't let that moment of inspiration slip away. The Moleskin pocket books are becoming ubiquitous: 3.5x5 notebooks available in plain, ruled, storyboards, music staffs and more.

Whatever idea or thought comes to you...take note. What may seem like an odd thought may lead to something greater.

What have you taken note on? When was the last time you lost a thought?

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